Sunday, December 2, 2007

Volunteer Services of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints San Diego County Fire Damages Clean-up

How We Can Help

Over 1200 home owners in San Diego County have completely lost their homes due to the fires. Thousands of others have damage and clean up issues for which we would like to offer volunteer labor to assist in the effort.

Services we can provide:

Clean up of yards – the winds have blown tree limbs, leaves, ashes, and other debris into most of the yards surrounding the fires. While we can't haul off the debris, we can clean it up and organize it at curb side for pickup.

Fence damage – many wood fences have portions which have blown down. Panels or boards may have to be re-attached. Supporting posts may have sheared off, in which case new posts will need to be installed. Depending on the extent of damage we may be able to assist in repairing.

Blown over objects – many patio covers and awnings are sitting in yards upside down and sideways. They may just need to be reset or re-attached to the home. They may be damaged or destroyed and may need to be dismantled to be hauled away. Patio furniture and BBQ's may need to be righted. We can help.

Cleaning of walls and windows – many homes near homes that burned have smoke and ash on their windows. We can wash the windows and broom clean the soot off the walls. City ordinances prohibit the use of water that may go into the street to clean roofs or walls.

Patios, walkways and driveways - we can broom clean these areas of ashes, leaves, branches, debris.

Trees down – many have trees or portions of trees which have fallen onto homes and into yards. We may be able to assist in cutting the fallen branchs and stacking them for removal.

Broken sliding glass doors and windows – we can assist in boarding them up until glass replacement can be arranged.

Other: If there things you need done that are not on this list, call and we may be able to help


We can't remove trees or large trunks.
We can provide labor but not the materials needed for the above services.
We do not have the resources to haul debris away.
We can't use water to clean soot and debris that may go into the public drains due to govt regulations
Work requests will be handled in order of urgency.

Hotlines for help: 24/7 760-535-1257 858-602-7773

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