Sunday, December 2, 2007 - Need A Home? Have a Rental Home To Offer a Fire Family?

How It Works

For people in need of housing:

When you register as a person needing housing, your information is stored our database. This information is confidential and will only be shared when a match is found (the closest match to your needs).

When a person offering housing sees your profile, they will contact you directly to talk one-to-one about what they can offer. Please respect their hospitality and provide any details they may request to confirm your information.

Any supporting documents (for your identity or status) are strictly between you and the person offering housing. These are people just like you, so be respectful. Honest communication is key. Please provide truthful information for people offering housing and respect their home rules.

Once you find housing, please come back to the site and remove your name from the database so it will not be forwarded to anyone else.

For people offering housing:
When you register and indicate your housing availability our system will work to locate a match to your requirements and will send you information on people in need of housing who meet your criteria.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A ONE-WAY EXCHANGE - as a volunteer your information is NOT provided to anyone else. It is up to YOU to contact someone who needs housing directly, person-to-person. It's also up to you to determine if you want to offer housing to anyone - you are under no obligation to house anyone! This is a citizen-to-citizen exchange, so use your own good judgment if you want to offer your home to share with someone else.

Thank you for your help and together we'll overcome this disaster!

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