Sunday, December 2, 2007

Best Christmas Present for a Fire Family

I’m sure you’re wondering what the BEST Christmas/Hannukah present for the fire families you know would be . . . .Here it is:

Make copies of all the photos with any member of their family. PRINT them out!!! Also, burn a CD and give it to them.This would be HUGE, HUGE, HUGE in helping them.

If you’re an organizer, set up an online album and contact all their friends and have them all put their photos up onto the website.

And if you’re crafty - make albums!!

Were they at church with you? In school photos? In sports??

Help them recreate their past and build memories. This is worth ALL EFFORT you can give.

And this would be the most treasured gift you could ever give (and to the fire families - ASK ALL YOUR RELATIVES FOR THIS FOR CHRISTMAS/HANNUKAH!!!) .


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