Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rancho Bernardo Fire Station in need of Extreme Home Makeover

They put their lives on the line and fought for our community during this recent devastating fire storm. San Diego Fire Station 33, in Rancho Bernardo, is in need of an EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER.

It was built almost 40 years ago for a 3 man crew and one engine. Now the station inadequately accommodates 6 men and women and a fire engine, a brush truck, AND an ambulance. 30 years of deferred maintenance have left the station in terrible disrepair. An RB Family made a video (which we would love to see!), that KNSD featured, asking EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER to makeover our fire station. We would like to start a letter writing campaign to ABC asking them to help our community rebuild by supporting our RB firefighters.

If you are interested in writing a letter, please address it to:

Lock & Key Productions
c/o Family Casting
P.O. BOX 38670
Los Angeles, CA. 90038

Or if anyone wants to make a donation:Make your check to:

San Diego Foundation and then in the memo section write: Account #69/Friends of Fire Station 33 and mail to:

Rancho Bernardo Community Council
PO Box 28729
San Diego, CA 92198

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