Sunday, December 2, 2007

Replacing Musical Instruments

Like many others, I am involved in the fire relief efforts. My task is locating musical instruments for those students of Poway Unified School District (I am hoping to include Ramona Unified in this) who lost their instrument in the fires (Insurance will cover most instruments, but you will have losses that there is not insurance).

Right now, Poway USD is taking an inventory of the instruments lost in the fires. Hopefully, we will be able to fill the needs of the students. The plan is that the instruments would be donated directly to Poway USD, which would then provide a receipt for tax purposes. I won’t know exactly what is needed until the School District provides me their list.

If you are interested in donating an instrument, know of someone who might, or might have connections in the music industry, please contact me either by email or phone (858-679-1360).

I am working with Cindy Hicks of Poway USD and her contact information is:
858- 668-4040

Regards,Roger C. Covalt

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