Sunday, December 2, 2007

Permitting To Move Forward

In the aftermath of the Cedar Fires, the City set up a special task force to push permits through quickly, often in as little as a week for a complete rebuild. They will be taking this approach again. The Permitting Departments’ lead is Kelly Broughton,

If you don’t have your plans and want to rebuild the same house: Check with the office of your builder if they are still in business - they may have a set on file. Contact Kelly Broughton–there are many arthitects, etc., whio are offering pro bono services if you want to rebuild the same plan. There may be another house in the neighborhood that may be used as a model to draw up blueprints.
If you want a new design: Check with Kelly Broughton regarding architects who are donating services.

IMPORTANT: You need the approval of your HOA before you build.
Westwood requires that ALL construction by approved by the Architectural Committe. Before you submit plans to the City for approval, Westwood’s HOA must approve the plans. The Architectural Committe is expanding and boosting resources to help expedite this process. Proceeding withouth

Architectural Committee approval is a violation of our CC&R’s and may lead to delay and/or requirements to undo your work, which would be a shame. The form and instructions are available for download at:

Incentives to build “green”. SDG&E and the state are offering all kinds of incentives for the energy-efficiency of your home. Contact Linda Pratt at SDG&E

(858) 492-5088 for more information.

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