Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome To The Citizen Action Team's Relief Database SoCal Wildfires Recovery Blog


I am Leslie, a core volunteer with the Citizen Action Team Relief Database.

We are a group of concerned, passionate and active citizens that provide a revolutionary tool, available for FREE to the public, grassroots organizations, survivors of (any) disaster, government agencies, donors, and volunteers.

Post hurricane Katrina, it was clear that coordination of information resources, donations, supplies, volunteers, etc. were very disorganized. In order to keep the Citizen Action Team's relief efficient and effective, the database was born.

When it became clear that this was a dynamic and unique means of tracking, this gift was made public. There are many databases out there that are similiar in nature and even effective. The difference though is most are cloaked in the shadows of private beauracracy, costly for memberships, or just plain have functional limits.

The Relief Database is constantly striving to update the technology, information, and more than happy and willing to share this tool with anyone (or any entity) who wishes to improve upon their database's. We also welcome input and feedback from users so that we can continue to better the process.

Starting with Katrina, than Americus, GA, Enterprise, AL & Greensburg, KS, we've 'worked' many disasters in assisting public, private, non-profits and government agencies with the tools to empower people to get through first response and to the other side of recovery. When the media bails out, Red Cross & FEMA complete their temporary services and long term recovery begins, we are still there, providing a hand-up to anyone and everyone that needs it.

Currently, we are actively assisting organizations with matching excess donation destinations in San Diego County, and are continuing daily add new and update resourceful information for all affected by the 2007 SoCal Wildfires.
Come visit the SoCal Wildfires Relief Database list by arriving at our 'Quick Start Page and choosing the link for: "California Wildfires"

There you will find listings for:

Safety Tips & Information
Mental Health Services
Informational Resources
Shelter Updates
Housing Resources
Emergency Assistance
Pet Resources/Services & Needs
Donation Drives
Volunteer Opportunities
Relief & Recovery Needs
Relief & Recovery Availabilities

We have over 160 facility entered in the database dedicated to the SoCal Wildfires, and with your help, that number will climb. It makes no sense for folks to have to hunt and peck for vital information all over the internet, and the database makes it simple by placing it in one resourceful place.

If any of you bloggers out there have information you can't find in the database that would be beneficial to folks who've lost their homes, or to Responders assisting in affected communities, please feel free to post or email the details to me. Many people don't have the time, the physical or the monetary means to be a part of the healing and recovery process. Know that your input is a valueable piece of that recovery and can make an impact for many people (and animals!).

Also, feel welcome to browse the nearly 3000 entries in our database, and if you are a non-profit, donor, grassroots organization (disaster or humanitarian) and would like us to post your information to help spread the word about your mission, needs and services offered, give me a holler.

If you are interested in becoming a 'Virtual Volunteer' for the Relief Database, training is simple and the impact is great (without ever having to leave your home!). Just email me and I can get you started.

Thanks so much for joining in these efforts to help us help others!

In Service,


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